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Youth and Sports Development


  • Every ministry will have to declare their policy in accordance with youth policy and will compel them to submit their compliance report of the work done.
  • Increase scope of sports policy and prepare its work plan.
  • Grant special facilities to connect with sports field through corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Special stimulating schemes for Housing/Industry to develop infrastructure facilities for sports field.
  • Provide recognition for old indigenous games.
  • Strict implementation of sports and youth policy.
  • Establish youth Advisory Council.
  • Youth Parliament programmes in the state.
  • Government training centres at revenue level for IAS, IPS.
  • To Strengthen ITI and establish more new competitive ITI.
  • Special "ASHA" Programme for employment eligible candidates in urban and rural area.
  • Implement "Pre-job Experience" Scheme in the state Innovative Programme with the help of Industries.
  • E-library in each college. Youth Portal on state level.
  • Award scheme at state level for Young Researchers.
  • Reserve fund for participating in different sports competitions for disabled, handicapped young boy and girls.
  • Special facilities for colleges showing exceptional performance in sports activities.
  • Keeping sports as compulsory subject for entire education.
  • Fitness centres in every city on par with Gymnasium.