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Water and Irrigation

Present Situation - Alarming

States’s Water Resources department most corrupt.

Irrigation capacity is much lesser than the real irrigation capacity.

The capacity of existing irrigation project is only 20% to 25%.

Despite investment of thousands crores of rupees, the increase in irrigation capacity is only 0.1%.

Compared to entire country (45.3 percent), Maharashtra (17.9 percent) is far behind in irrigation.

Cost of irrigation of Central Government is 1, 70,000 per hector, while of Maharashtra it is 4, 15,000 and of Vidarbha 7, 20,000.

Compared to neighbouring states, the rates of tenders are higher; works are done at market rates.

Projects are planned without water availability and thus increasing private corpus.

The cost of many projects increased unexceptionally.

There are large discrepancies in water strategies and laws.

Backlog in Irrigation:
Vidharbha: 11 Lakh Hector
Marathawada: 5 Lakh Hector

Our Vision: Proper Water Management

  • To use Aquifer Management, largest management of world is in South Australia.
  • Stronger dams and canals, to increase the number of lakes and wells.
  • To use modern technology to increase water holding capacity of land in saline water belt.
  • To stop water evaporation and water conservation is our goal. Wastewater processing project in every city.
  • After verifying the possibilities, the rivers connecting project will be run wherever possible.
  • To increase water storage capacity.
  • Public awareness for better water disposal and use.
  • To complete irrigation project at the earliest without increasing the price.
  • To appoint the Nodal Officer of the rank of Additional Chief Secretary to complete the water irrigation project of Vidarbha and to speed up the process.
  • Based on that the projects will be planned and sanctioned to plan time bound programs for providing funds/ for completion of the projects.
  • Care will be taken that the provisions made for the projects should not lapse.
  • Time bound program to achieve the final irrigation capacity of the state. To exile corruption from irrigation department.
  • To implement of Chitale Water Irrigation Commission report for water management. More stress on chain banks of Shirpur pattern and watershed management in drought areas.
  • To pass Water Right Act.
  • Water provision to every house, farm and industry, every house will get tap water. Agriculture ponds and water conservation project in every village.

Animal Husbandry

  • ‘Animal Hostels’ in Maharashtra on par with Gujarat.
  • To establish of Goseva Vikas Mandal.
  • To incorporate animal husbandry in agricultural budget, both will be planned together.
  • New Animal Husbandry Directorate and Animal Husbandry Science Centre in the state.
  • Establishment of National Grass Institute and Leather Technology Institute.
  • 2 ambulances for animals and mobile treatment centres in every district.
  • To establish Inland fishery development for fisheries.

Food IN Every House

  • Allocation of two and half kilogram food to provide one kilogram food.
  • Scheme to provide direct home delivery to beneficiaries.
  • Providing every month On Line District Wise Information about availability of food.
  • To keep close watch on every activity with GPS technology.
  • Modernization of the Public Distribution System, to bring and end to corrupution.
  • Facility of loan for farmers for food storage in warehouses.

Farmers to become Industrialist

  • Separate department to promote agricultural Industry
  • Special Agriculture Industrial Colonies at central location for every five Taluka.
  • Based on the agricultural products produced in that area, these colonies will have processing industries.
  • Agricultural Products Selling Centre in every city, farmers group will have the ownership.
  • Will incorporate subject of Agricultural Business in Agricultural Universities.
  • Warehouses and Krushiyantra bank in every village.
  • Cold storage in every Taluka.

Local Development

  • To start orange processing project again in Vidarbha
  • Grape processing projects at Nashik , Sangli
  • Mango processing project in Kokan and banana processing project in Jalgaon
  • To focus on milk production in Vidarbha, Marathwada and Kokan
  • One minister for both agriculture and horticulture department
  • More focus on bamboo processing and textile in Vidarbha
  • 50 % Profit on agricultural products will be given directly to farmers