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Urban Development and Housing

Present Situation - Alarming

5.08 crore Citizens residing in cities lack access to basic facilities.

220 Municipal Councils/12 Nagar Panchayats/ 7 Cantonment Boards/26 Municipal Corporations totalling to 265 Population load on cities :5.08 crores.

A wide gap between Development Plan and actual on ground implementation. Financial Master plan to support and assist in implementation of the Development plan is missing.

No Backup Financial Planning and support to the State’s development plan.

What is Necessary?

  • A holistic development plan should lay emphasis on Housing, Roads and Surface Transport, Health, Education, Economic development, and Sports Infrastructure.
  • Urban Development should focus on these four aspects:
    A) Administration
    B) Planning
    C) Financing
    D) Regional Policy

Our Vision

  • Economic Development. To create a Safe, Happy and Prosperous environment will be our priority.
  • Service Guarantee through the provisions of Law. Timelines for citizen service delivery will be defined and monitored. (Right to Service).
  • Local Self Bodies to be recognized as Service Providers.To lay down strategy for service delivery from Local self bodies.
  • Will empower local/resident institutions, will make them accountable.
  • Will implement a transparent eGovernence ecosystem.
  • Will provide additional powers to all State Information Commissioners to perform as Service Guarantee Commissioners.


  • Urbanization is not a bane, it is infact an opportunity to fuel growth, needs to be planned properly.
  • Cities contribute 60% to the State GDP but States spends less than 1% of GDP on City development initiatives.
  • Will take necessary steps to raise private funds to address the long pending mega State and Central infrastructure projects. Will use PPPP route for GAP funding.
  • Urban Area development Vision: Key Cities in Maharashtra to be under a special time bound Urban Development program.
  • Will launch an independent project “State Urban Development Mission -2030”. State will have a State Urban Infrastructure Mission (On the Lines of Smart Cities).
  • Projects that are funded by State/Central funds to be executed more professionally and time bound.
  • Development plan to be made participatory and visible to all.
  • Will use Earth Observatory System and Remote Sensing System to monitor development on the city. Will prepare various modules.
  • Development Plan and Disaster Management to be interlinked, to chart out together.
  • Cities to be provided with proper Education, Employment, Entertainment, Law and Order, Marketplace, Hospitals etc. Important facilities.


  • 80 % financial support should come from state and Central Funding for all basic citizen services, 20% from local institutions.
  • For B and K ward Muncipal corporations, this ratio will be 90:10.
  • Will invite private participation to aid development of Growing Cities.

Regional Policy

  • 10 cities to be earmarked for development on the lines of a “Smart City”.
  • With all facilities in place, will lay emphasis on creating of “Eco-friendly” communities/cities in 5 years.
  • Will lay WiFi mesh across all major cities and key towns.
  • Integrated Transportation System across all MC’s and A Grade Municipal Councils.
  • Water Management and Distribution Systems on PPPP model.
  • Will create Small Urban Centers.


  • Nagpur, Pune and MMR region development by a consistent sustainable policy, similar to Mumbai.
  • Will implement “Housing for All” policy, Construct reliable housing/Houses for people staying in shanties.
  • Solid Waste Management Systems that will convert waste into energy/resources.
  • To establish City Development Institutes, will take strategic guidance and ensure people educate themselves about city dwelling.
  • Co and Satellite Town Development.
  • City Development ensuing balance with environmental ecosystem.

Infrastructure Development and Services

  • Plan to ensure Maharashtra is equipped with adequate and quality Infrastructure services.
  • Will enact a law to ensure transparency in private investment within the Core Infrastructure Sector.
  • Will encourage People’s Participation in PPPP’s.
  • Will ensure well connected Quality Roads across the state, 24 Hours Water, Electricity and other essential utilities to citizens and business/industry participants.
  • All major cities to be connected via an “Expressway”. All State Highways to be 4 lanes.
  • Air connectivity to all key cities and places of tourist interest.
  • Subsidized Housing Development in all Industrial Zones/Towns.