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Social Justice


  • Comprehensive Policy on Education, Employment and Shelter by taking Aboriginal, Scheduled Caste, Nomadic Tribes, OBC and other backward classes as base.
  • Will endure to create "Downtrodden Anarchy free Maharashtra“. Will ensure strict implementation of laws.
  • Expansion and innovation Ashram school and hostels in proportion of population. Emphasis on skill training.
  • Research on Science of traditions especially of aboriginal and their regularisation.
  • Converting different schemes started by different depts. for backward class/leading them towards fulfilling the objective. Establish a monitoring system.
  • Implement necessary changes after reviewing effectiveness of existing scheme.
  • Top priority for economical/social/educational up-lifting of these classes.
  • Effective and constructive measures for urban and rural poor people.
  • Different facilities for economically backward people from open category.
  • Ownership of land for landless people through land improvement policy.
  • Tax rebate for families those are taking care of senior citizens.
  • Sincere implementation of different reports in the interest of backward class people.
  • Bringing minority people in main stream and their comprehensive development.
  • Master plan for development of physically handicapped. Roads and electricity in remote places of aboriginal.
  • Formation of aboriginal culture research centre. Vanabandhu welfare scheme, full stop for religion conversion.