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Pollution Free Maharashtra


  • All rivers instate will be cleaned and made pollution free under River Action programme of central Government.
  • Will balance industries and environment in such a way that it will maintain bio-diversification in western Ghat and it will not affect civil life in that area.
  • Assurance of environment through time bound programme by mapping of pollution.
  • Shall implement policy of giving priority for Green Technology.
  • Implementation of “Green Building” concept in the state and granting special facilities for such hours.
  • Development of unconventional energy resources production of solar energy in large scale.
  • Separate Dumping yard for Garbage and experiments of electricity generation from the same.
  • Transparent functioning after empowerment of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.
  • Formation of a system which will not affect speed of decision making while implementing pollution regulations.
  • While sanctioning different Development plans, subjects of environment and disaster management will be incorporated.
  • Focus on advanced technology while erecting all sewerage projects.