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Mumbai City Development

Present Situation - Alarming

Mumbai is not just a Money making machine, it is a vibrant city full of life and aspirations. Mumbai is dying, it needs to be revived.

Housing is the single largest issues, Quality of Life and Overall Satisfaction of Mumbaikars is at a historic low.

60% of Mumbai stays in Shanties.

Transport Infrastructure has not kept pace with the growing population.

Infrastructure overburdened and hence collapsing. Mumbai is on a downward spiral.

Economic Capital. Repulsive Enviornment.

Dilapidated Mumbai

  • Mumbai has a total of 17 fully empowered independent agencies like Municipal Corporation, MHADA, MMRDA but they lack coordination.
  • 4 Key Mumbai development Reports: Vision Mumbai (Bombay First and Mckinsey, 2003), CM’s Task Force on Mumbai (Feb, 2004), Urban Awakening(Mckinsey 2010), Concept Plan for MMR Region ( MMRDA, March 2011).
  • Despite having comprehensive review, evaluation and implementation reprots, no action has been taken. Mumbai still remains dogged with issues and challenges.
  • 2.5 lakhs houses under the Rent Celling act signed up agreement for housing. Despite PPPP route, not even a single house constructed in last 5 years.

What is Required?

  • Priority Areas: Housing and Transport System Improvement.
  • 36 lakhs houses required in MMR region by 2020.
  • Affordable Houses/Houses under Rent Act/ In Public and Private Housing development, Public housing needs to be increased to 30%.
  • Plots that could not be used earlier/Blocked plots need to be reviewed again and opened for development if they comply to environment and other regulations.
    Revenue from Unlock Plots in state’s exchequer.
  • Mumbai to be developed as an Island City.
  • Suburban Development to be prioritized and planned.Special Initiatives and benefits to be instituted which allows proper and sustainable development.
  • A new plan keeping in mind changing dynamics to be initiated for Mumbai’s Planned Development.Will ensure time bound implementation.

Solution: Our Vision

  • An officer of the rank of Chief Secretary to be installed to oversee coordination between 17 key agencies created for Mumbai/MMR development.
  • Will Fast Track Housing Development.
  • Will bring significant transperency in the process.
  • Target to create 20 Lakh new houses in the MMR region within 5 years.
  • Integrated Transport System. North, South, East and West corridors to be synchronized and connected.
  • Road, Rail, Metro, Mono and Water Transport systems to be Integrated leading a Single ticket access across all these Transport mediums in MMR region.
  • Will endure to bring down maximum Travel time by one hour.

Infrastructure Development

  • Will ensure timely completion of Key Infrastructure projects.
  • Key Infra Projects:
    A) Navi Mumbai Airport Project.
    B) Coastal Road.
    C) Trans-harbor Sealink.
    D) Mesh of Elevated Corridor.
  • Will intiiate development of Satellite towns in MMR region.
  • In order to bring an end to illegal encroachments and constructions in the MMR region, will use Earth Observatory Satellites and Remote Sensing technology thus ensuring proper data is available to ward officers for better coordination.
  • Mumbai MMR region development masterplan to lay emphasis on Housing, Education, Marketplace, Health, Transport, Security, Solid Waste Management, Enviornment, Open Spaces Development.

Key Development Initiatives

  • On the lines of Delhi Safe City Program, IP Camera based Surveillance system to be developed and implemented in Mumbai to watch over the city.
  • Dharavi Redevelopment program to be reinitiated. Execution to start in 6 months.
  • Will initiate decentralization of financial activities from Mumbai to MMR region.
  • Cluster Development: New Cluster Development policy for Mumbai
  • and MMR region within 3 months. This will aid sustainable development.
  • Will implement a holistic and comprehensive policy related to Mumbai’s environment.
  • Will address instate migration for Jobs into Mumbai by developing those cities and towns.

Important Initiatives

  • Every Municipal Corporation to be converted into Smart City.
  • Will Develop Goregaon- Mulund Link Road.
  • Will Develop East West Corridor.
  • Pinjal – Damanganga RiverJoin Project for Mumbai.
    A) Will provide 1500 MLD water in MMR region.
    B) Will provide 856 MLD in Mumbai region.
  • Mithi River Restoration and Revival Project On the lines of Sabarmati Katha.