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Forest Protection and Jungle Habitat Development


  • Will increase scope of Forest covered area
  • Will use Satellite and Remote sensing technology to effectively address Deforestation (Jungle Surveillance System).
  • Liberating forests from criminality, will appoint paid guards from Paradhi community and thereby economic development of Paradhi community.
  • Will develop a policy for Bamboo cultivation, will aid bamboo Industry.
  • Will plan sustainable development for Tribal Community and people from Burud community.
  • Industries based on forest conservation, Jungle safari, stimulus for tourism.
  • Irrigation model for Hilly area.
  • Rehabilitation of villages through protected areas like Tiger Project, Sanctuaries National Parks.
  • Economical Power (electricity) for villages in forest area through solar agriculture projects.
  • First Elephant sanctuary of the state in Sawantawadi, Dodamarg.