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Financial Planning/Decentralization


  • Will study all previous documented Administrative reviews/reforms within 3 months and chalk out a new and effective Administrative Policy keeping in mind the overall good of the State.
  • All types of temporary/contract practices to be converted into permanent positions/practices.
  • Special empowered group to be formed to review and assist Government in taking judicious and beneficial decisions on spending/investment.
  • Will bring about transformation changes in the State's Financial budget and its plan. Will review and implement recommendations made by several previous committees.
  • In order to bring financial discipline, will ensure adherence of Fiscal Accountability Act.
  • Will institute an Internal Audit mechanism to ensure continuous audit and timely availability of expense and other financial details of departments.
  • Proper utilization of State loans. To invest money on productive projects with a sustainable future outlook.
  • Will put eGovernence at the fore front to save time. Improve overall systemic productivity.
  • Decentralization of Government decision making. Will empower panchayat institutions. Growth through people’s participation.
  • Will empower Local Self Bodies in cities by providing funds, Functionaries and Function.
  • Will encourage and assist LSB’s to draft their own governing rules.
  • Will initiate holistic village development. This will encompass Schools, Roads and Hospital/healthcare development. This will aid in reducing overall cost.
  • In order to accelerate growth in Vidharbha and Marathawada a special program to be launched. Will provide financial support with Governors approval. Provisions under “Charged Expenditure”.
  • Making provisions to bring struggling regions of Maharashtra at par with progressive ones is not an expense but an investment to ensure an equitable future.
  • Abhaydan Program fro troubled Industries.
  • Will qualify several institutions as “contributors/developers” and involve them in decision making process.