Brand LogoVision Maharashtra

Fair, Swift and Progressive Judiciary

Distinct Future

  • Review of the number of courts to provide quick justice in the state.
  • To increase not only awe but Esteem and honour of the judiciary.
  • State law commission for quick justice, recruitments of judges and corruption free system.
  • Computerization of every court, the dates even at Taluka level can be seen online.
  • E-library for lawyers.
  • Special reservation for women in judicial system.


  • Institutes providing education of forensic, arbitration, intellectual property law, international laws.
  • Cleanliness and modern facilities in the courts will be stressed at District, Taluka level.
  • The facility to provide free information about laws.
  • Consecutive hearing of economically and socially important case.
  • Announcing the results regarding abuse of women, financial fraud within one year, quick court will be established.
  • Bathrooms in courts for women and women lawyers.
  • To solve issues related to buildings and basic facilities related to courts urgently.
  • To link all the courts and jails via video conferencing, reducing cost on safety.
  • Legal counsellor to every police station.
  • Increasing number of counsellors in family court, to maintain the culture of Maharashtra.
  • To reduce the number of public cases in the courts.
  • To provide primary legal knowledge at school.