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Present Situation - Alarming

Corruption is the cause of shortage of electricity/ load shedding/Highest electricity rates in Maharashtra.

Established capacity of Mahagenco : 10,000 megawatt

Plant availability factor: 83.95%(April to December 2013)

Plant load factor: 64.43% i.e. 50% of total established capacity.

If the Plant availability factor is increased by 20%, there will not be any load shedding and electricity rates will be highly reduced in Maharashtra.

For 1 MW established capacity, National average is Five crores but new projects of Mahagenco requires 7.5 crores to do the same.

Increased capital cost, increased rates of electricity

Scams in Mahagenco

  • Coal scam: Loss caused by not accepting the cheap Linkage coal: 5,280 crore rupees.
  • Loss due to purchasing foreign coal: 3,211 crore rupees.
  • Loss due to purchasing electricity at huge rates by Mahavitaran: 3111 crore rupees.
  • Total loss in 3 years: 11602 crore rupees(The same money was recovered from public).
  • Since objection is not drawn on the coal grade slippage on time, there was loss of 10,000 crore.
  • (Recently, due to one petition, Coal India has paid 1773 crore rupees to Mahagenco for coal slippage. If the complaint was launched on time, 10,000 crores would have been saved).


  • Load shedding free Maharashtra within six months.
  • To make Maharashtra Self sufficient state like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
  • To develop new policy of electricity for the state.
  • To develop new policy for electricity generation and electricity distribution.
  • By following principle of Merit order dispatch, to purchase the electricity which is the cheapest at that point/day.
  • By changing MERC’s law, to make the provision that any rights from the electricity company of the state will not be taken by MERC.
  • To prescribe time limits for making rules for different standards urgently as per the MERC law.
  • To promote unconventional energy sources, separate policy for solar energy. Electricity rate as per income.
  • To start new projects by replacing old methods of subcritical plants with ultra super critical power plant technique having new technology.
  • To provide free electricity to many villages by using solar energy on fallow land.
  • Low cost input for electricity generation. Use of waste water and to reduce coal prices by following up the central government for appropriate policy for coal.
  • To put the current stalled projects in operations. To provide electricity at reduced rates by optimizing input costs.
  • Set a 20 year timeline and plan projects accordingly.
  • To promote electricity production from dams and gas.