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Employment/Manpower Building


  • Roots of unemployment, Skill mismatch and Sectoral mismatch.
  • Shall provide 5 lakh jobs per year. Develop an army of 2 crores skill based human resources.
  • More tax rebate to industries providing more job opportunities, preference to locals within the Industrial belt.
  • Internship and Fellow ship systems to be established and encouraged for youth hence providing part time employment and skill appreciation.
  • Converting Employment/Vocational Guidance Centres into Career Guidance Centres.
  • Preparing Human Resource Development Policy keeping in mind the needs of Maharashtra.
  • Increase in percentage of Marathi people by increasing IAS/IPS/IRS/IFS Guidance centres.
  • Starting classes for International languages on large scale.
  • Employment through state level campaign for computer literacy.
  • Comprehensive labour policy which is in tune with the present times. Will develop concept of "Industrial Family" with labourers.
  • Social Security for unorganised/casual/contract labours that includes Pension, Health, Education facilities. Shall cover agricultural labours under un-organised Act.
  • Will prepare Data Bank of Sector wise workers in every district. Will provide Health Insurance for workers in unorganised area.
  • To create a system by which we can provide training to Blacksmith, Barber, Knitter, Cobbler, Potter etc. and provide loan for them to conduct their profession.
  • Provide state level opportunities for talent Metal- carvers, sculptors.
  • Will review no of labour and Industrial courts. Safety care for women workers.
  • Food security and Employment Guarantee for organised and unorganised workers.
  • Will increase scope of State Employee Insurance Scheme/will make hospitals more effective and capable.