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To Lay the Foundation of Digital Maharashtra

  • eGovernance has been grossly misunderstood, intentionally manipulated and conveniently disregarded by both Institutions and administrators

  • Fundamental Q: Do we really need to Computerize? Should the Government be doing this activity at all (like Octroi)?
  • Do a Dispassionate analysis whether the specific department or office should exist at all? Does it exist in developed countries?

  • Fundamental Q: Are you enabling the Citizen or harassing him?
  • Do you ask them to get the zerox copy verified from a Gazetted Officer or a Notary? Does your Application Form have 100 pieces of information asked, when 10 would be sufficient?

    Is the payment process simple and convenient? Do you give a commitment regarding the Time Frame in which citizen’s work would be done?

    Can you intimate the citizen of status of his Application by a SMS, email or a phone call?Can you deliver the end result to the citizen in a painless way, at his home or near his home?

  • Land Title (7/12): Who asks for copies of Land Title? In 90% cases, it is the Government. And who gives the Land Title certificate? The Government itself.
  • We need a system BANNING a Government Department to ask for copy of a document from a citizen, if the department is the custodian of that document. This simplifies citizen’s life, and makes Transactions faster and eliminates frauds.


  • Seamless Integrated Digital Network for the State.
  • Separate Science Technology Department in the state.
  • "Government at your doorstep" scheme under this Ministry for those who cannot handle Internet, SETU/CSC centre and mobile unit in every Tehsil.
  • Will Implement "Mandatory delivery of services Act“. Services in Marathi Language.
  • Will execute E-gram-Vishwa Gram Scheme. Will provide jobs in IT for youth in rural area and small cities.
  • Will reduce “School Bag Burden” with the help of technology.
  • Will connect all offices of Gram Panchayat to Mantralaya through computer, new vision of E-Governance.
  • Development of Pune as Computing Centre, similar to the one at Bangalore. Will erect IT hubs at Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad and Kolhapur.
  • To institute a Secretary level person as eGov commissioner to accelerate and implement eGov policy in the state.
  • Will increase productivity of IT Sector from 15% to 20%.
  • Inclusion of ICT in School Education, Emphasis on Research along with literature and culture.
  • Education through medium of tablets in remote areas.
  • Shall increase connect of villages through National Knowledge Network and National Optic Fibre Network.
  • Shall start international project of manufacturing internal parts required in building Computer, Mobile in the state and extend all benefits to such projects.
  • Different religious places like Shegaon, Pandharpur, Shirdi, Alandi, Dehu, Kolhapur, Tuljapur to be expanded as Knowledge Science Centres, Independent Websites.
  • Electronic Policy of state will be declared shortly.